About Us

The high school that your child is admitted into and decides to attend can be one of the most important decisions of their young adult life.  Choosing a high school that is a good fit socially, academically and financially greatly impacts their college options, as well as their future happiness. In Chicago, the application process and deciding on best fit can be daunting and overwhelming for families, so we're here to help!  

We have over 25 years of experience in education and have spent the last 7 years becoming experts on the Chicago High School application and selection process.  As we guide your family through this process, we will provide individualized support in prospecting high school options, filling out applications, admissions test prep, interview preparation, essay writing and editing support, scholarship and financial aid assistance and final selection support.  Our goal, together, is to provide a positive experience in the high school application process and ensure that your child is set up for future high school success.

More about Chrissy Lewis:

Chrissy understands that every student is unique and for the past 16 years it has been her professional passion to advocate and support students in reaching their fullest potential.  She received her Masters in Education in 2001 and taught for seven years, and transitioned into the role of Guidance Counselor in 2013 after receiving her second Masters in Counseling.  She has made it her mission to become an expert in navigating the high school application process in Chicago and has made a commitment to families to empower their child with high school options and best fit.  This continued as she served as High Jump’s Francis W. Parker Campus Director, supporting over 180 students through their navigation of the high school application process.  She has had the pleasure of being a part of the tears of joy as acceptance letters are opened, scholarships are awarded and these young adults continue their journey in high quality education.

More about Kandyce Woods:

Kandyce Woods brings over 10 years of experience in education to Lock & Key Educational Services (LAKES).  She is extremely passionate about providing educational access and opportunity to the students of Chicago.  She has spent the her career helping students navigate both the high school and college application processes, matching their strengths to schools that are the best fit socially, academically and financially.  Prior to founding Lock & Key, she served as High Jump’s Campus Director at the Latin School of Chicago,  as well as senior program manager at LINK Unlimited Scholars.  Through both of these positions, she visited high schools in Chicago frequently, gaining a better understanding of school cultures and learning exactly what type of student will thrive in each school. She began her career in education as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Washington University of St. Louis, where she learned how students can make themselves stand out through an application.  Kandyce earned her BA in elementary education and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis.